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Welcome to Oregon state government's employee advanced search. You may search for current state employees by name, telephone number, city or department.

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To report problems with this page, please e-mail the Technology Support Center (TSC Help Desk).

Information is provided through the Oregon State Enterprise HR system and updated on a daily basis.
If the data is incorrect please contact the specific agency's HR department to be corrected.
Not all state employees are listed.

Helpful Hints:
  • Last name field is not case sensitive. Example: Smith, smith, and SMITH all match SMITH.
  • Use wild cards by adding the percent sign (%) to a field at the beginning, end or both. Example: Jack% will match Jack, Jackson, etc.
  • Check the "Soundex" box to match the sound of the word rather than the literal text. Soundex does not work with wild cards. Example: Smith will also return Smyth and Smythe.
  • Your search may include all or any of the fields given by selecting Match All Fields or Match Any Fields.
    • "All" returns results that match all fields entered.
    • "Any" returns results that match at least one field entered.